Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Learn Create Share

I have been reflecting on our curriculum and how 'Learn Create Share' fits in to this. 
I thought I had the Learn and Create part sorted but have been working on the Share part.  I believe the 'share' has been hard for me to grasp as I struggle to share my own learning on things like Blogger.  
I came to the conclusion this morning that maybe I had not got the 'Learn' part as my struggles came from me not learning new ways to share my learning.
As a principal I am supposed to lead the learning, so I need to do just that, as I see how powerful 'Learn Create Share' is for our leaners.
I have now come to the conclusion that Learn Create Share drives our curriculum not the other way around.

The sharing is the part that makes this so powerful, as you have used your new learning and shared this with everyone.


  1. Great reflection, the more you unpack Learn Create Share the more you realise how big it is. We need a lot more conversations as educators about our Learn Create Share pedagogy. Sharing on the blog enables some of these discussions to begin, I look forward to having opportunities to discuss Learn Create Share with you. In the meantime check out Kate's blogpost about the create -

  2. I so agree with you Graeme. We discovered in the early years that authentic sharing was both a hook and driver for learners - both young and older. I do appreciate you being the lead learner in your school AND by sharing this reflection with us all.


  3. Thanks for sharing your thinking Graeme. We are all in the same 'boat' in this ever changing world we are attempting to navigate - you are not alone! Great to hear LCS is driving your curriculum. LCS underpins everything we do at HPS also. You have identified the purpose of learning to share and vice versa. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Graeme!
    Thanks for sharing this. To me, the three characteristcs are in order: you have to learn something first, then you create your own knowledge based on that. Once you have managed that (big step) then you share your creation last!


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