Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Laed Like a Pirate - Coaching

Prompt #2
The three goals of ANCHOR conversations are to ensure our staff know we value them, to walk away from the conversation knowing that we added value and to push practice forward. Reflect on the 6 components of ANCHOR conversations and identify one area that you feel you could improve in. How will you go about growing this area of your practice?

Conversations that we have with are staff are some of the most important things we do as leaders.  If we do not get these conversations right then we are not helping our staff to push practice forward.  
ANCHOR conversations are a great what to ensure we are coaching our staff forward in their work.  We all know that teachers are not always appreciated for the work they do so it is important that we give messages of appreciation daily.  We need to notice the impact our staff are having and let them know that this is having an impact on their learners.  To help our staff to continue to have an impact we need to work collaboratively with them and coach them to be even better, this starts with conversations that have to be two way and which allow the person you are coaching to identify what might need tweaking in their practice.  While doing this we need to honor the teacher voice and choice, let the teacher tell you what they need.  Once you have this you need to support the teacher.  And lastly you need to reflect on the conversations you have had and ensure the teacher felt valued, did I offer them something new and will it help push practice forward?

The area I need to improve on is reflection.  If I get this part right I will have covered the other parts of ANCHOR conversations.  At the moment I do overly reflect on the conversations I am having with my staff so how do I know that I have helped them to move forward?  To help ensure I reflect on these conversations I have put a sign in my office with the three questions on it to remind me to ask these questions after having an ANCHOR conversation.

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