Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Lead lIke a Pirate - Leadership Treasure

“If a man does not know to which port he is steering, no wind is favourable to him”. Seneca, Epistle from LeadLAP pg 76
What is the most important work that you are focused on right now as a school team to improve student outcomes?  Is your staff aware of this? Would their answer be the same as yours?

If I am honest I would say that not all the staff would answer the same as me.  I can see how important it is to have everyone paddling the waka in the same direction.  I have been focusing on the teachers and teachers aides but had not put the same energy into the rest of the staff when looking at our vision and mission. After reading this chapter I see how important it is to have everyone paddling in the same direction and how important it is for me to lead this and ensure everyone is focused on improving the outcomes for our students.
This book is really helping me to focus my energy into the right places and to create a school where everyone is paddling the waka in the same direction.


  1. Kia ora Graeme, I really enjoy your honesty and ability to reflect on your learning which allows others to develop from your knowledge. When you are talking about other staff is that the likes of support staff? I always remember listening to Jill Hammonds and she was adamant that every person involved with the school should be able to talk about the vision. Around support staff how do you ensure the inclusion in staff development when often a lot of this occurs outside of their normal work hours?

  2. It is like the support staff, your comment has made me think about should this be extended to people like yourself that spend a lot of time in our school. A great question at the end, how do we included everyone especially when there is a cost and we have limited resources.
    I am going to have to think about this more. Thanks for your comments and amking me think more deeply about this.


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