Thursday, 21 September 2017

Lead Like a Pirate - Harness the power of teams

Harness the power of teams
Prompt #1Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others. John MaxwellReflect on this quote.

When we look at some of the greatest sports teams in the world, they are the teams that are empowered to help in the decisions for the teams and the captains have the ability to make on field decisions that have the backing of their coaches.  The first few years I coached football teams I made all the decisions on and off the field.  After looking at some of the best coaches in the world I tried empowering the team to make decisions and from this we grew as team and had more success on the field.

These lessons I have taken in to my principal's role in an effort to empower everyone.  Shelley's reflection on page 86, 'You have been at this school for a lot longer than I have. You know your colleagues, the students, the community better than I do.' back up my own thoughts the way I try and do things.  As a principal I have a great resources of knowledge about the school community in all my staff and if empower these people to make decisions it can only benefit the school.  By empowering others I also ensure the areas I do not have strength in, an example of this for me is the junior area, runs smoothly.  I trust my AP to make decisions for the junior school as she has the experience and knows this area of the school.  I have learnt a lot about the junior area of the school since been a principal but still have not have the experience of day to day teaching to be able to know what is best for these children.
One of my favourite acronyms is T.E.A.M.S, Together Everyone Achieves Mores Success.  I think this fits in really well with empowering others as they are a huge part of the team that has a common goal to teach our children.

Been the principal of a smaller school can have its own challenges with this especially if there are a few people who want you to be like a 'traditional leader' and make all the decision for them to follow. This is the challenge we have to work on to ensure we are all on the same team.  

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