Monday, 7 August 2017

Lead Like A Pirate - Week 2

Prompt #2
Pick one task that takes up an inordinate amount of your time. Apply this LEAD acronym and reflect on how you can change this.

Leverage Systems - the systems we create have to make sure we focus back on our core business, the children.  We were spending a lot of time doing assessments and evaluating the results.  I challenged the staff to look at all our assessments and tell me the ones that were making a difference to the children.  From this we were able to cut our assessment schedule in half.
Evaluate the Impact - the impact has been now teachers now have more time and can really focus in on the children and looking at their strengths.
Activate a Team - it was easy to activate the team around this as they felt they were assessing for the sake of it and it had no real value.  

Delete, Delete, Delete - by deleting a lot of assessment it has had the benefit of reducing the time I was spending looking at this assessment and ensuring the staff had followed our assessment schedule.

I now need to look at other things we do in the school and apply LEAD to them


  1. Kia ora Graeme for you reflection, I had never heard about LEAD and see the power that it can have in evaluating. I often think in education we are focussed far to much on the result and the effect is we often fail to put input into the process leading to poorer results.
    It is very refreshing to see a school evaluating their assessment schedule as I worry that there is so much assessment our learners get over it meaning the results become less reliable.

  2. Great example of using the LEAD acronym from #LeadLAP. I was struggling to think of areas that I could apply this initially but this has really helped! Great post.

  3. Thanks for helping to clarify some of my thinking and for illustrating how fluid something like our assessment schedules should be. I often hear myself saying that nothing is set in concrete, yours is a great example of that.

  4. It's interesting how we get tied up in assessing for assessment's sake and then end up making more work for ourselves. Great reflection on LEAD - Food for thought, thanks!


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